Pepperell Street Communications

Contact: Dawn Ostrem and Darren Campbell
Phone: 631-5890

9050 Pepperell Street Box 313
St. Peter’s, N.S.   NS   BOE 3B0

Pepperell Street Communications consults with businesses and individuals about communications strategies, journalistic writing/editing or legacy storytelling projects. We consult in specific areas such as public relations, media relations, media production and personal narrative, media psychology, marketing, educational content and more.

Writing & Production:
Writing and production services include articles, reports, promotional materials, videos (both corporate and personal), audio and all forms of media and/or website content. Pepperell Street Communications considers excellent writing the backbone of any production concept. The company is happy to work on a variety of industry projects as well as personal storytelling and legacy projects.

Pepperell Street Communications plans and facilitates training workshops as well as one-on-one development in a number of areas. They include, but are not limited to, media studies such as social media, media relations, transmedia storytelling, digital literacy, digital storytelling, media psychology, website content development and writing for business or pleasure.